We are VENOM! Awesome Watercolour & Ballpoint Pen Drawing

So after watching the Venom trailer a few weeks back, I decided I would create a watercolour and ballpoint pen drawing.

Let’s us talk about the trailer! It was scary…. Exciting, but scary. This had more of a dark feel to it compared to the other Marvel movies. You could even forget that Venom is a Marvel character. Now to some I might be a little too dramatic, but I don’t like creepy, weird, dark looking, science, unnatural things.

Below I have added an image of the final outcome. Took me a little under 3 hours to complete. With that being said, if I had done to whole piece in ballpoint pen (like I would normally do) it would taking me somewhere between 8 – 15 hrs to complete. However right now I am trying to experiment with different art supplies, just to see what work we’ll with ballpoint pens.

The background was just ment to be a mixture of red and black, but then I came up with the thought of it being Venom entering the blood stream. It gives it more a purpose and meaning.

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