Venom Ballpoint Pen Drawing – My best drawing to date?

So my Venom ballpoint pen drawing, where do I start. Well it was suggested by my little brother and girlfriend. They thought that it would be a great idea to draw the image half venom and half Tom Hardy. Why? Because the movie has just come out and the hype is real.

So I did it! But I went back to my original style where I take my ballpoint pen and just draw. No sketch, no grid. Just me and my ballpoint pen.

I started with the eye of Tom Hardy because I believe if the eyes of a drawing are wrong then the whole drawing is messed up. A little mistake on any other facial feature might not be notice, but the eyes are something else, they are the root to the soul.

With this drawing I tried something different that I haven’t tried before. Which was to start with a yellow base. Normally I would start with orange as the base colour, but because of his pale skin tone I decided to go with yellow and it worked out great. You can do this drawing without using yellow but I had the option to, do I did. I will link the pens and where you can get a yellow below.

SKIN TONE: I used yellow (optional) orange, brown and pink (use red if you don’t have pink). Now, the difficult part about creating skin tone is that you have to create multiple layers. This will take a lot of practice to master. I see my skin tone getting better year by year. However that is also because I draw everyday and I love ever moment of it.

PROPORTION: Now you see the way you would pencil sketch using lines to line things up. I do the same thing but I don’t draw the line. I also use the shading of areas to line things up. What do I mean by this. What I mean is, I would draw out the eye and to get to the nose I would shade around the eye are and work my way down to the nose by using the shadow as my guide lines. I hope that made sense.

I don’t know what else to add but if you have any questions please comment below.

Here is the full image

Full Time Lapse Video :

Staedtler Ballpoint Stick Pens:
BIC Soft Ball Point Pen :
BiC Cristal Ballpoint Pen:


SNAPCHAT: demoose_biroart

8 hours 49 minutes


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