How to turn BAD ART into GOOD ART


This all started with an IDEA. What was that idea Musa? Well let me explain. So, I wanted to create some type of tiger claws scratching effect on the paper, but…..yeah, that failed! Then I decided to cover the whole page in orange and that still look…..yeah, FAIL. Now! At this point I have basically lost my mind, got so frustrated that I decided to start splashing paint all over page, going from yellow, red, green and blue. But then this was when the MAGIC happened. I actually like it, notice how I could of given up multiple times and thrown away the paper, but something in me told me to keep going. MOST PEOPLE QUIT JUST WHEN THEY ARE ABOUT TO ACHIEVE GREATNESS.

After letting the paint dry, it was time to bring out the ballpoint pens. I decided to use that soft feel BiC pen that I love so much ( ) At first it was looking alright, nothing special, just alright. There was just something missing….but what was that something?DSC01111

WHITE….Lord the WHITE PEN! I have never done this before, this was all just one BIG accident. Normally I would use the white of the paper, but could not with this drawing for obvious reasons, but once I added the white gel pen…..WOW! It changed the whole look of the drawing, I could NOT believe that this one thing could make such a BIG difference.

tiger wb I did stream the whole drawing process on my twitch ( I am pretty active on there, I stream most days. I have also linked the YouTube video below so you can see the quick time lapse video of how the drawing was create. Enjoy and thank you for watching.


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