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So the other I decided to try out the ARTEZA woodless watercolor pencils. This is not the very first time I have tried out these pencils, but I don’t believe you can judge an art supply just the once, you will have to try is out multiple times first in order to master the tool and really get familiar with it. Below I have also listed the pencils that I used if you guys are interested in getting yourself some. Anything purchased though these link will support my art as well. The price are the same, I just get a small commission. I am really enjoying these pencils and will be using them more and more.

(UK) Woodless Watercolor Pencils 24 set:

(US) Woodless Watercolor Pencils 24 set:

(UK) Water Brush Pens (Set of 6):

(US) Water Brush Pens (Set of 6):

These are the pens I used to draw the fox.

BIC Soft Ball Point Pen :

POSCA White :

In the video below I will explain my thought on the pencils and drawing process. Sadly enough I did not get to record the watercolor pencil part which was the most fun. But I did manage to get the FOX drawing part.


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