DO’S and DON’TS | How to draw a realistic FACE – Ballpoint pen

For a long time people have been asking me to make a tutorial on how to draw a face using ballpoint pens. So to make it more interesting I decided to make a do’s and don’ts video fort YouTube. Here is the video for those of you that are interested Also if you would like to see more of these types of videos please comment below.

I have the real time tutorial with voice over and A LOT of TIPS to help you improve your face drawing skills. However, not only will you develop your face drawing skill, but you will develop your shading, proportion and shading skills.

For a small subscription of $5 a month you will have access to all the tutorial available on my patreon page. Tutorials on skin tone, layers, how to mix watercolor with ballpoint pen. Drawing people like, Black panther, Kill monger, Miguel Rivera from Disney’s Coco, cartoon and so on.

Below I will show you thumbnails of the 4 parts. Each part can last up to 2-3 hours, so if you are interested in learning my ways and the ballpoint pen technique I have learnt over the years, head over to my patreon page.

FACE THUMBNAIL Showing you how to sketch out thew face using my lego technique

FACE 2 THUMBNAILThis is when we begin to start adding ink

MOUTH 3 THUMBNAILHere we are really start to build the face up with multiple layers

FACE 4 THUMBNAILHere we finish of the drawing, I show you how to draw the scarf as well but I don’t really talk much about it because it is a face tutorial. I hope you all enjoy the YouTube video and patreon tutorial.


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