TAKING MY ART OUTSIDE! * this was so relaxing*

This is my very first time ever trying out the Arteza EverBlend Art Markers – Set of 60: https://bit.ly/2IZZFdk They were a lot of fun to work with. However, with this piece I don’t think I abused the whole point of these alcohol based marker, which is to blend colors together. Aside from that the only problem I had with the markers were that the ink and pen color didn’t always match. But to be honest that is the case with most brands.

The ink flow is amazing, and I also loved the fact that ever marker had it’s own name so that really does help when it come to remembering colors. 60 is a lot of colors so it will take so time to remember. The markers also have a thick and thin point which is great, and I believe most markers come like this.


Now let’s talk about the packaging! Arteza always comes correct when it comes to the packaging. I am never disappointed, they make it very eye catching and just very appealing. They gave you a bag that you could put over the shoulder (which I show in the video) This is great for when you are going out into the city.

In the video I also answer a few questions, such as “who would I recommend the marker to” and so on. I hope you really enjoy the video and find it entertaining. Thank you for reading this blog post.


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